Khanewal has a Subtropical desert climate. The district’s yearly temperature is 31.79ºC (89.22ºF) and it is 10.9% higher than Pakistan’s averages. Khanewal typically receives about 22.74 millimeters (0.9 inches) of precipitation and has 48.64 rainy days (13.33% of the time) annually.. The climate of the District is hot and dry. The summer season starts in April and continues till October. May, June and July are the hottest months. The average annual highest temperature in Khanewal is 42.1°C (107.8°F), and the June 26th is the hottest day on average. The average annual lowest temperature in Khanewal is 5.6°C (42.1°F), and the January 10th is the coldest day on average. The wettest months in Khanewal are August and July. The average annual rainfall for Khanewal is 226mm (9").