Health Sector

Following health related initiatives are taken by District: 

  • Dialysis Units have been added to DHQ Khanewal
  • Development of Trauma Center DHQ Khanewal


With the collaboration of various public and private departments, many points in Khanewal have been beautified while necessary arrangements are being discussed for more. Some are as follows:

  • Lahore Mor Khanewal
  • City Gate Khanewal
  • Tea Factory Chowk Khanewal

CCTV Cameras for Surveillance

Following are the places where CCTV cameras are being installed: 

  • Commissioner office, Deputy Commissioner office and Katchery for the safety of employees and public
  • Mounted CCTV Cameras in Dar ul Amman to control the unforeseen incidents

Sports Complex

Sports Complex Khanewal have been updated with the development of gymnasium and various indoor sports facilities have been provided.