Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Forms for Public? Top
Important forms such as Domicile, Challan Form 32 - A and other can be accessed by click here  
What is Procedure to get Domicile Certificate? Top
In order to get domicile certificate read the attached document click here  
How to Get a Birth Certifciate? Top
Steps to get a birth registered and to get birth certificate click here  
How to Register a FIR? Top
In order to understand the process of registration of FIR click here  
How to Get a Death Certificate? Top
Death registration and obtaining a Death Certificate click here  
How to obtain Fard from LRMIS Center? Top
It is very simple to obtain Fard from Land Record Center for details click here  
How to get Financial Assistance from TEVTA? Top
Financial Assistance can be obtained from TEVTA for details click here  
What is Process of Property Inteqal? Top
If you are looking forward to know the details about Property Inteql click here