Combat Operation Against Locust

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Locust in Khanewal District

 District administration has intensified surveillance and operation combat after locust  attack in Khanewal Kabirwala and Mian Channu areas. Deputy Commissioner Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi personally visited Mian Channu Kabirwala Abdul Hakim and Khanewal affected areas  On this occasion, the officers of the Agriculture Department gave a detailed briefing to the Deputy Commissioner about the steps to be taken for the immediate prevention of locusts. The Deputy Commissioner said that the   The operation was launched in time after the attack and the crops were protected from locust  damage.

  All possible resources are being utilized for this purpose. To a large extent, locust  attacks have been thwarted by spraying and this operation will continue for complete prevention of locust .  Cooperate with the management as much as possible and wherever there is a locust  attack, the management should be informed immediately DC requested the farmers